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Ensuring the efficient flow of services.
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Case management is the process of service coordination and accountability in the human services sector. It involves a process and a series of actions to ensure that clients of human services systems obtain the treatment, services, opportunities, and care that they are qualified for.

Case Management may include, but is not limited to:

  • a. Weekly home visits (first month of placement) and bi-weekly following; if there is a deemed need of additional home visits, this will be implemented.
  • b. Ongoing phone contact with the certified parent and/or NMD as needed to support home and follow-up.
  • c. Assisting clients and certified parents in the utilization of services such as:
    • 1. Information gathering to implement services
    • 2. Medical and dental services
    • 3. Educational Services (registering, IEP, advocacy, etc.)
    • 4. Recreation
    • 5. Mental Health Services
    • 6. Transportation
    • 7. Independent Living Skills
    • 8. Vocational Training
    • 9. Services for pregnant/parenting teens.
    • 10. Services for special needs
    • 11. Agency and/or local workshops and training
  • d. Assessing and advocating for services and needs of youth.
  • e. Processing (whatever needs to be processed) with the certified parent and providing support.
  • f. Monitoring of policy/regulation adherence, training implementation, and required paperwork.
  • g. Agency is available for 24-hour emergency crisis calls.

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