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Who Is in Foster Care?

The children we serve come from diverse backgrounds, which may involve abuse or neglect. These children may be dealing with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, trauma, or the need to understand their new family dynamics and feelings.

How We Help

As an accredited foster family agency by the State Department of Social Services (DSS), we provide free, comprehensive services to the foster families who care for the children we place. Parents require experienced and professional help when caring for older children who have been neglected or abused. They may also need reassurance, advice, and practical support for very young children.

Our services start at the instant you get in touch with our agency. However, your journey starts in earnest with the family study or our mutual assessment of the needs and characteristics of a child(ren) that would best suit your family and your goals. We, then, offer a series of training sessions to provide you with the background and skills you need when the child arrives at your home. As soon as the placement is done, we provide the child with therapy, if needed, as well as support services for you. This is offered for as long as the child stays in your home.

We offer the following services:

We also provide the following:

Individual Therapy
Through individual therapy, professionals can help your foster child express their feelings. This way, the child can better explore their emotions and improve their overall welfare.
Family Therapy
A good relationship between the foster child and the rest of the family is the key to success here. When the whole family is included in the therapy sessions, there will be a chance to enhance communication and understanding.
Group Therapy
Group therapy is one way of helping foster children to overcome their challenges. With this, they will be able to find common ground with individuals in similar situations. Group therapy gives foster children an avenue to share their experiences with others.
Behavior Modification Counselor
A behavior modification counselor makes it possible to exchange undesirable behaviors with more desirable ones. They do this through positive reinforcement. This can help children with conditions such as ADHD, phobias, and generalized anxiety disorder, to name a few.
Individual Education Plan (School)
Having delayed skills or other disabilities may affect a foster child’s functioning in school. If this is the case, then they can benefit from an Individual Education Plan (IEP). An IEP will help them cope with school and academics.
Wrap Services (Weekly Support of Mentors/Counselors)
Through wraparound services, we help foster children and their families, particularly those who are at risk of losing their permanent placement. With our support, we will be able to help ensure a stable, secure, and permanent family environment.
Psychological Assessments
A psychological assessment provides insights into a foster child’s social, learning, behavioral, and overall personality development. Its purpose is to make recommendations and plan for their mental health and educational needs.
Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and Mentors
All children deserve to live in a happy home. Court-appointed advocates help make this possible. CASA provides these advocates with the support they need to provide foster children with permanent homes in a healthy environment.

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