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Learn about our agency and how we aim to change lives.
Our Mission Statement

The goal of our foster family agency is to help socially maladjusted and emotionally troubled children find warm, supportive homes.

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About Trinity Foster Family Services of The Bay Area

Our parent company, Hickman Homes, was established in 1981 to facilitate love, care, supervision, as well as to provide other necessary services for pregnant teenage girls. Through the years, we have expanded and modified our mission. However, as of October 1, 2012, we no longer provide group home services.

In 1993, we established our Foster Family Agency (FFA) with the goal of matching children in need with a stable foster family. We offer case management, therapeutic services, in-service training, and financial support to foster parents and children in order to help make successful placements.

We are a non-profit foster family agency based in California. Our agency is composed of a community of people who believe that every child is entitled to a good home and to grow up with a loving family. Our agency is licensed by the State Department of Social Services (DSS) to offer children in placement and their certified parents complete case management services through recruitment, training, and certification of foster family homes.

Our agency’s main purpose is to offer residential treatment and home-finding services to children from birth to 17 years of age who cannot stay in their own homes, such as emotionally troubled and socially maladjusted children. These include those suffering from physical and sexual abuse and neglect, abuse syndrome, chronic delinquency, sexual acting out or paranoia, and other emotional disturbances.

Trinity Foster Family Services of The Bay Area serves non-minor dependents (NMD) (18-20 years of age) with a particular focus on and desire to help dependents who are already in our care to become NMD, or NMD with history supporting their ability to adjust to a foster home setting and follow the program.

Our Goals

1. To recruit, train, and clear certified parents who are prepared to address the physical and emotional needs of children placed in their care for exclusive use by this Agency.

2. To suitably place foster children in these homes and closely monitor their care and services with the information received.

3. To offer ongoing supportive services to certified parents and their foster children throughout the placement period.

4. To develop and supervise a psychologically therapeutic program for each child that will treat underlying emotional problems and allow each child to achieve the maximum of their emotional, social, and physical potential.